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Poetry Writing Prompt

"The human hand is a book where suffering is written in wordless lines."Benjamin Alire Sáenz - The Book of What Remains...Or:

"We are not some button on the pocket of your longing." Audre Lord

Memoir or Creative Non-Fiction:  
Write a paragraph or more about a memory in which action occurred.  Use the present tense and visualize yourself in the action. Who was present?  What did the air feel like?  What were the colors around the scene?  What happened? What was your reaction told in telling details not in the abstract? Ex. I entered the classroom and saw the teacher at the front of the room. ( flat)The light was at my back as I cross the red painted threshold. Mrs. Joyce is facing us in a purple and white dress against a blackboard with a flower drawn in white chalk.   (telling details to place the reader in the scene with you).

Create a fictional character based on someone you know.  Write a paragraph or more in a scene.  Attempt to be in the scene with all of the senses.  Use specifics vs. abstract description via telling details.  Use present tense.Ex. He is a big man with a jacket.  - flat and abstractHe is over three feet tall with pale skin, white eyebrows and completely bald.  (telling details)Place the character in a scene that has some action. Use the senses to describe the character in the scene. Example from Stephen King, The Dead Zone:They were skating on a cleared patch of Runaround Pond in Durham.  The bigger boys were playing hockey with old taped sticks and using a couple of potato baskets for goals. The little kids were just farting around the way little kids have done since time immemorial-- their ankles bowing comically in and out, their breath puffing in the frosty twenty-degree air. At one corner of the cleared ice two rubber tires burned sootily...

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